Saturday, August 8, 2009

What am I doing?

Nae-ri, South Korea

I really enjoy taking photos. Most people who know me know this. I just haven't really worked out what it is that I love taking pictures of the most. I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the sporting events I could at university. I really enjoy the kind of random travel/street photography I do here and there. I've starting to really get into wildlife photography in South Korea. I've also had good experiences with music and event photography.
Unfortunately a lot of the advice that I've read about going professional suggests specializing over diversifying. Being a jack of all trades but a master of none is not seen to be a good position to be in. I just need to decide which area to specialise into. Now specialising into a position doesn't necessarily mean stopping sport photography in order to focus on in on wildlife when both go on outdoors. I just need to work out where my niche in the market is.
My photo website is divided into three sections: sport, travel and wildlife. Within those three categories I need to find a common theme. There is, as mentioned, the notion of all three going on outdoors. That doesn't fit well for me at the moment. I feel that the 'outdoors' doesn't seem to quite encapsulate what it is that I do.
It doesn't help that I'm not entirely sure about what it is that I do. At the moment it's teaching English that's paying the bills. I just don't ever see myself as identifying myself as an English teacher. Nothing wrong with being an English teacher, its a job I really enjoy and am looking to pursue for a few years yet, but its just a inn on the road I'm traveling, not the final destination. Not as I envision it at the moment anyway. The dream destination is that I'm getting paid to take pictures. My photos adorn magazine covers and are the centre of advertising campaigns. They are on the covers of books, they are dotted around the internet. People have them as their desktop backgrounds. I just don't know what they're of yet. Still, I'll keep sticking my camera in front of my face until I take them.
Courtney has always said that we are at our most useful where our skills and passions intersect. I am passionate about wildlife, sports, photography and general adventure. My talents include photography, motivating others and appearing better at sports than I really am. I know that to succeed in the photography business I'm going to have to focus as much on the business side as the photography side, if not more so. I feel as though I'm taking steps in the right direction. I've hoovering up as much of the useful online advise that I can find. Although wading through the countless get-rich-quick schemes looking for useful advise can get quite tiresome. That said there are plenty of useful sources. There are also several good old fashioned books I want to get that will hopefully point me in the right direction. It doesn't help much that I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment leaving Korea and I feel as though I've got about a bajillion other things I need to sort out (transferring my Korean wages home, sorting out a visa extension, planning my trip to China, planning my trip home, booking CELTA courses).
Everybody is always busy and its through being busy that we get things done. So telling myself that the reason I'm not taking steps towards my dream is because I'm busy could mean I never achieve my dream because I'm always busy with something else. Plus I'm never really that busy. I've got enough time to update this thing don't I? I suppose the really difficult thing is to create a balance between all the things I want to be doing. I often find myself thinking that I'm never taking enough pictures, I'm never exercising as much as I want to be or I'm not reading enough. All the while overlooking the fact that I'm still managing to do all those things, albeit not to the extent that I'd like to be. (My perfect day: get up before sunrise (without the whole feeling tired from lack of sleep thing) take some dawn photos, go for a jog, have breakfast, enjoy some delightful company, go for a bicycle ride, take some more pictures of the wonderful places we pass through, have a swim in the sea, read on the beach, go for a stroll though the woods, take some photos in the evening light then retire for the evening). So really there is never, or at least very rarely, the perfect time to do things. We just have to make do with what we've got. Which I need to remember for these next few months as everything is going to be a bit of a mess. I've got two weeks until I go to China, about a month before I fly home to the UK, a month there then I'm flying out to Thailand where, hopefully I'll be doing a four week CELTA course, then I'll be looking for a job in Thailand. All the while I want to be developing my skills as a photographer, an entrepreneur and English teacher. Phew. As I said its while we've busy that we get things done.

So some aims for myself:
> get back into the habit of exercising regularly, I've done it before, I can do it again.
> start a 365 project to make sure I'm taking pictures regularly.
> learn a new thing about business or photography every week, and write it down.
> start entering photo contests

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