Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday I got an email asking me to redo a few sections of the pre-interview task. They've got some pretty tricky questions in there so I did some more reading up on my kinda dusty grammar knowledge and sent that back in amidst trying to sort out a place to stay in Korea once we return from China. This morning, while cleaning the apartment and before we shipped out to Leslie's place (lifesaver!) I got an email telling me that ECC want an interview. That added an extra element to an already kind of hectic day. But it wasn't until the evening so once we'd moved our stuff to Leslie's apartment we had lunch and spent most of the afternoon just lounging in her apartment chatting. It was very relaxing. Fortunately the interview went well and I'm all set to start their course this October. There is another task to complete and some reading to do but I have been accepted. Another box checked off the list!

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