Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jeju Day 2

Despite Thursday's early morning and late night I was up early, partly to do with sleeping on the floor in an overly warm room, partly because my body hates me. More evidence to support my body hating me is that generally, once I'm awake, there's no going back to sleep. So rather than just lie there and stare at the ever so interesting white ceiling I decided to take a pleasant stroll. It did me well last went when I went to watch the surf at midnight. So tip-toeing over sleeping carcasses I collected my camera stuff and headed out.
I tried some long exposures of waves breaking over the volcanic rocks that makes up Jeju island before exploring the small collection of houses near our holiday home. Just as I was entering the village I passed a Korean guy standing in a lot with some industrial looking buildings behind him. I anyeonghaseoh-ed him and he smiled and nodded a hello back to me. Just before I passed him he asked me if I like to see his farm. With nothing else to do I said that would be nice. So he led me into a huge low, dark building that was a fish farm. It had maybe 20 or so massive shallow tanks sunk into the ground. Only maybe 7 or 8 had water in them, but those tanks contained over 40,000 baby flounders. Granted it wasn't the best tour that I've been on but it was a completely unexpected and very welcome act of generosity on Mr. Jay's part.
Back on the official holiday, our first stop was to the Teddy Bear museum. The epitome of kitsch there are bear dioramas of the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Normandy, the Titanic, there is a Mona Lisa bear, a Van Gough bear, all sorts. Not exactly my cup of tea but it certainly seemed like a popular place to go.
Our second stop was to the beach. While I'm on holiday I'm not too much of a beach person. I get bored quite easily, so once I'm tired of swimming, an activity I actually quite miss, sitting on the beach tanning holds little appeal for me. Still I was in good company so it was hardly and ordeal. For lunch we played rock paper scissor to decide which people should pay. Now I have always seen it as a game only two people can play, yet Koreans young and old can play it in groups seemingly as big as you like and know who wins and loses. It was, and still is, a mystery to me how it works, but I was one of the losers, still it only cost me 15,000 won, about £7.50.
After the beach we had a sushi dinner before heading to a nearby waterfall. By this time it was about 10pm. Fortunately I had my tripod with me, a must have for any waterfall shot, as a long exposure blurs the water into the misty white one often sees in waterfall photos. It was all the more important of me as it was dark. Still, managed to get some okay shots of the falls. Got quite a nice group shot of the OES crowd too.

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