Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Penultimate Minute

How do you go about making major decisions in your life? Do you have a plan, or like me, do you leave everything to pretty much the last possible moment? I seem to leave things to the last minute quite often. After graduating university my decision to go and teach English in South Korea was a little last minute. I was graduating, I wanted to travel, but didn't have any money. An add popped up on Facebook about teaching in Korea, I clicked on it and about 2 months later I landed in Incheon. Haven't looked back since. However it was a bit of a rush trying to get everything organised. I resolved to try and get my stuff together in a more timely manner. I've been planning on going to Thailand to teach for about 4 months now, with about 2 months until I want to go. But only yesterday, with a little more than 2 weeks until their deadline, I applied to ECC's CELTA course. I don't know when I'll find out whether or not they have accepted me but I don't really have much of an plan B. I need some sort of qualification for teaching in Thailand and so far I've put all my eggs into the CELTA basket.
So far everything seems to have worked out for me. Just hope it keeps going that way.

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