Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unique Position

Why are you reading this blog? It's a question I've been asking myself recently. Why would anyone want to read my blog? There are plenty of amazingly talented photographers out there, all with their own blogs. There are plenty of people out there traveling, all with eloquently written websites.
Recently I visited a few websites offering tips for writing better blogs and the general theme is to have a unique position, give the people something that they can't get elsewhere. I think I occupy a fairly unique position.
Straight out of university I started teaching English in South Korea. I've been here a year, hoping to move out to Thailand to teach there for a year and after that, who knows. Not only am I participating in a long term kind of travel that not many people do, I'm also trying to worm my way into the photography business. I hope to use this blog as a record of the things I will hopefully learn about finding jobs teaching abroad, creating a life for yourself in a foreign land, and the steps I hope to take towards becoming a professional photographer. If no one else gains anything from this it will serve as a good reminder for myself of what I've learned already.

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  1. I believe I can answer your question Tom. As you said in your last post, you're someone who leaves decisions to the last minute and goes with the flow. But some people, myself included, are obsessional planners and have to know as much as possible about something before making a big decision. And as someone who has probably spent 10 hours atleast reading a whole variety of Korea (and specifically Jeju) related English teaching blogs, I would be one of those people! For me, reading a general, opinion less, overview about a profession or a country doesn't really cut it. The negative opinions and stories of people who have gone to places like Korea often attract more attention than those of the majority of travellers, so my best way of discerning whether a place, a people and a profession is a good choice is by reading every last detail of people's blogs to see what they like and dislike and to get a feel for the place. So, what to you might seem a mundane or trivial thought, to someone making a bold decision, it paints a hugely detailed picture that will be so helpful and really gives confidence. So there ya go, my advice would be to keep doing what you're doing, talk about the small as well as the big things about everyday life, as well as the good and the bad. Knowing a bad thing in advance makes me feel more prepared and knowing the good makes me feel a little more vindicated about the decision and excited to experience it for myself. Hopefully in a year from now, I'll be able to do the same for someone else. Thanks and I look forward to reading/seeing more from your time in Asia!