Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Animal Cafes

Courtney and I took Colleen to Hongdae, a very hip part of Seoul. Lots of art galleries, independent fashion outlets and plenty of little coffee shops to explore. We'd planned on taking her to a selection of slightly more unique coffee shops, ones that where based around interactions with animals. The plans was to visit, in no particular order:Dr. Fish, where fish nibble on your feet while you drink, the Bau House, a cafe with a variety of dogs running around, and GioCat, the same concept as the Bau House but with cats.

In Hongdae we found that Dr. Fish had closed down, so that was struck off the list. GioCat was also shut, its schedule showing that Monday is its regular day off. We arrived at the Bau House to find that closed. Fortunately we managed to work out that we were just early and that in 20 minutes it would be open for business. So we wandered around the backstreets of Hongdae admiring the various shops and tastful graffitti that is dotted around the area.

We returned to the Bau House and found ourselves to be the first ones there. The dogs all seemed very pleased to see us, as dogs generally do. I wasn't in there for even a minutes before I had a large patch on slobber deposited on my shorts. However I should count myself as lucky as a Korean girl got peed on. The risks of playing with nervous dogs I suppose. We stayed in there for just one drink, we played with the dogs, several came and joined us for varying amounts of time. We were even treated to a sex show on our table. Something the staff there are quick to put an end to. The Bau House is quite a unique experience. Just being in the same room as so many dogs is interesting, but trying to drink some coffee with a poddle on your table, a beagle on your lap and a lab at your feet is a whole other thing. Its a very high energy place, as the dogs are all eager to greet any and all newcomers. Definitely not a place for people who aren't comfortable with animals.

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