Monday, August 10, 2009

Leaving Work

I know I recently wrote about leaving things to the last minute so this may sound a little hypocritical but having other people leave things to the last minute that directly affect me is quite infuriating. Unfortunately it also seems to be the custom in Korea.

I've only just recently been told my flight time and date (back in the UK September 2nd) and now I'm trying to get the holiday time that I'm owed.

Back in February there was a misunderstanding on my behalf about how I got my holiday. In my contract I get 10 working days off. I thought I booked the time off but the bulk of the time is decided by my hagwon. As it happens I didn't get the full 5 days off for winter, nor did I get the full 5 days for summer. I was told that if I wanted the odd day here or there they might be able to do that otherwise I can take the time off at the end of my contract or work through it and get paid extra.

I'm currently trying to get the time off. I know I'm owed 2 days from summer and probably the same for winter. That would push my last day forward from the 19th, to the 13th. Now I don't think I'm going to get Friday 14th off as Claire, who has been asking for it also since February, has been given Thursday and Friday off, so I have to cover for her then. However I have no problem working this week to the end. It's next week that I'd really want off. Hmpf.

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