Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today we find out... I hope

After a long and often frustrating struggle to get an E-2 teaching visa for Korea it seems that today we might finally find out if our school will have us do the Japan visa run (what we thought we were going to have to do from the beginning).
It's been a tumultuous affair. First we had the difficulty of me trying to get my university transcripts delivered and my criminal background check apostile stamped. That went smoothly enough, until my criminal background check went missing. That was a major worry. It would have taken well over a month to get a new one and would have completely scuppered our plans. Fortunately it didn't go too far. It was left undelivered and so was returned to the UK. From there I had it couriered back out to Korea. We tracked it online and saw that it was signed for by our recruitment office. So imagine my surprise when I called them to check everything was in order and they said that they didn't have it. Eventually it turned out that it had been sent on to our school by someone else in the office.
With that catastrophe averted, another one duly rose to take it's place. Apparently something was wrong with Courtney's criminal background check. We had no idea what, as it's the same document she's successfully used to gain two visas previously. Anyway, that meant running off to the American embassy to see if they could do anything, then calling the American embassy in Seoul and finding out they could do the same service there. It is this recent development that will hopefully lead to us going to Korea and then do the Japan visa run.
Unfortunately, this will be done at our prospective employer's expense. Our recruiter has talked to the school's supervisor, but the supervisor has to discuss it with the director. We were hoping to have an answer either way earlier this morning but our recruiter has told us that the decision will (if all goes well) be made early this afternoon.

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