Monday, December 21, 2009

Family and the Holidays

Just got off skype after a great chat with my family back in the UK. I've been doing alright here in Bangkok, not really missing home all that much. I mean, its cold there! Having talked to the folks back home however, I remember how nice it is to be somewhere you feel as though you really belong.
Fortunately I feel as though Courtney and I create a similar atmosphere with each other. Which is probably how we've spent two months in each others constant company without even coming close to ripping each others' throats out. But we've created that atmosphere with so many factors working against us. We're in a foreign country, staying in an area that is very transient in nature. People come, stay for a week or two, then generally move on. They don't stay and learn the names of the people who serve them breakfast (Pang and Mit). The people that do live here are generally interested in you as a potential source of income. So when I was talking to my parents and little sister it was both heart warming and heart wrenching to see a place where I belong. So much more than here at least.
I guess it's no surprise that, after three kind of tough months here, close to the holidays, I'm feeling a little homesick.
Watching 'The Grinch' and 'Fred Claus' earlier today probably didn't help much.

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