Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuck in Bangkok

It looks like we're stuck in Bangkok for at least a couple more weeks. Still, there are worse places to find oneself stranded.
Having secured ourselves jobs in Daejeon, Courtney and I have found ourselves stuck in Bangkok waiting for our E2 visas to be processed. We were hoping that we would be able to go to Korea, then do a visa run from there to Japan, but that would cost the school money so we've been told to wait it out here. To be fair on Bangkok, its a pretty good place to be stuck. It's cheap to live and the weather is great. On the downside, we're both pretty travel weary so were looking forward to having a proper place of our own. The room we're in at the moment is fine, but we're still right on top of each other and living out of our bags.
We hit a bit of a snag last week. I was having visa documents sent from the UK to a friend in Seoul. One of those documents was my criminal background check that was Apostille stamped. The background check takes up to a month to get and the Apostille check a further week. All my other documents had arrived apart from that. If that got lost, it would have been game over and we would would had to have gone back to our respective homes and worked crappy jobs. Fortunately, the reason that my friend hadn't received it was because it had to be signed for and the 'failure to deliver' notice had been stuck on her neighbour's door. My friend popped along to the post office to pick it up but it had already been sent back to the UK. That was a bit of a blow for us as it would mean waiting another week or so for it to reach the UK then get sent back to Korea before the visa processing could even begin. Fortunately I had been in touch with the Apostille service people so they knew that it was on the way back to them and would resend it as soon as they received it. To our great surprise that happened yesterday, so it will be back in Korea before the week is out and hopefully we will have our visa numbers in a week or two.
As we're on a budget, we're being quite creative with how we spend our time. Our current favourite way to pass the time is to go for a walk and give each other things to lookout for. The first to spot it wins a point. Some things are easy to find, like an image of Buddha, while some take a lot longer, like finding a peacock in one form or another. At the moment, we're tied but Courtney has had the lead for most of the time. It's a fun little game that we're kind of constantly playing as we forget that we were looking for something, then one of us spots it and the game is back on!
On a more productive note, I want to see what I can do about really blitzing Bangkok photographically. The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the National museum, Khao San Road and a bunch of other big sights are right on my door step, so I should try to get the best images of them as I can while I'm still here.
As always I'll show you the finest selection of the shots that I take :)

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