Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ah, the waiting game.

We've had a couple of lucky breaks. After finding out that we no longer had jobs, we started spamming the Korean job market again. Court decided to call the recruiter offering a nice looking couple position in Incheon. She managed to actually catch him on the way out to the school with other people's applications, so he added ours to the pile for their consideration. Apparently the school liked what they saw and will be sending us contracts! But once bitten is twice shy, so we're still making applications. We've got an interview with a school that might be a regular hagwon or it might be an English Village. I've never been to an English Village but Courtney assures me that they're kinda creepy. You don't teach regular classes, instead you role-play with visiting students. She says its like a 'foreigner zoo'. However the recruiter doesn't know which it is so we have to wait until our interview on Monday to find out.
We've also had some other not so satisfactory offers. One school wanted to pay me less than Courtney because I'm not American. That kinda pissed Courtney off, I found it mildly amusing, having never really been subject to that kind of casual racism before. We also have a job on offer, but only for one of us full time, another part time until February. Another offer also starts in February for both of us and they're looking for winter camp positions to tide us over. Hopefully everything will work out with the Incheon position a) because it looks good and b) it's our only decent offer. That said, we managed to get most of these offers within a day of finding out that we'd lost our first job offer. So that's heartening.
So now we start the visa process over again. Once we get the contracts we'll send off all the documents we need to let the school get started on the visa process. We hope against hope that it'll go smoothly this time. If it does we could be out of Thailand before our visas run out at the end of the month. If not, we'll probably look at doing a visa run to stay in Thailand a little longer. It's not ideal, as we hoped to be out of here before Christmas, but even if we do have to stay longer at least we'll end up in Korea, with jobs.
Fingers crossed.

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