Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As of 12:50pm RoK time I am no longer calling South Korea home. Technically I moved out of my Korean apartment before I went to Korea and returned to Korea as a tourist but now I am on my way back to the UK. At the time of writing I am in the departures lounge of Moscow airport waiting for my 20:45 aeroflot flight to London Heathrow.
I had a hell of a time checking out of Korea. My bags were over-weight so I tried removing all my books but that wasn't enough so I had to re-pack stuff I would need more immediately and mailing everything else to myself in the UK. Courtney was an amazing help through this. She took the initiative going to the post office and grabbing a box. Despite getting to Incheon an hour before my check-in even opened I was still in a rush to get to my gate. Still, in the grand scheme of things its not that bad. It added an extra element to a day that was already full of extra elements but it wasn't like I was in mortal danger or anything. I suppose I should use this as something to think back on next time I consider acquiring more stuff.

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