Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CELTA precourse task

Bloody modal auxiliary verbs and progressive aspects and participle clauses. This precourse task that I initially dismissed as just being time consuming is proving itself to be both difficult and time consuming.
As a native English speaker I implicitly know a lot of grammar rules. I can tell when a sentence is correct or not. I'm now realising that I need to be able to explain why its correct as well. This precourse task is actually pretty useful in that respect. It's just my own fault for not having started to chip away at it earlier. Still, I've got over a week to do it.
I have made good progress in other areas of preparation for my move to Thailand. I booked my flight pretty quick, I've got accommodation booked and paid for. I've bought most of the odd bits and bobs I want to take along to Thailand.
That said there's still a whole bunch of little things I need to sort out. Things that I could probably sort out in a well spent day or two. It's just that I've got very good at not doing much with my days. I blame the two evils of broadband internet and satellite television. Obviously it's nothing to do with a lack of willpower or poor time management on my behalf. Hmmm.

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