Sunday, February 7, 2010


It seems as soon as I start earning money, I'm pretty eager to start spending it! For people who aren't particularly fond of crowded shopping centers, we've certainly been spending a lot of time in them.
Last weekend we headed up to Bupyeong, a largish town near us. We didn't fancy going all the way into Seoul so decided to explore some of the more local places. While there, I bought myself a watch.
Not exactly a frivolous purchase, as I haven't had a watch since the strap broke on my old one and I wasn't able to get a replacement.
This weekend we went into Seoul and hit up the Yeonsan techno-mart. I bought myself two Seagate 500gb external hard drives. I haven't been happy with having just one copy of my photos with me. I have all my photos backed up on a 320gb Western Digital external here and on DVDs, kept in my parent's loft back in the UK. So now I have three hard-drives with most of my photos on them. I'm also using one of the drives as a Time Capsule for Mac's Time Machine function as a way to back up everything else on my laptop. Most of this was inspired by Scott Kelby's digital workflow, so now I'm going to try and keep all my photos off my laptop and just on external drives. Hopefully that will help keep my laptop running more smoothly.
While at the techno-mart I was once again toying with the idea of getting myself an Ipod touch. I've been without an mp3 player for a while and the other functions available on the touch are pretty enticing. However I've been trying to cut back on buying things that I don't really need. Partly because of the anti-consumerist streak in me and partly in an attempt to save some of my paycheck each month. The main reasons that I want the touch are that it's super cool and can do a heck of a lot. The main reasons that are turning me off it are that I'm not sure how much I'll use it, it's kinda pricey and that I don't need one. I want one, just don't need it.
It's not a bad internal conflict to have; whether or not to buy something shiny. If I decide not to buy one, then the money will definitely go towards getting a Canon 7D.  Had fun playing with one of those at the techno mart too :)

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