Sunday, October 4, 2009


So I've been in Phuket for a day now. The flight here was great. I don't know how I do it but, like my flight out to Korea, I received an upgrade on the long haul. So no sitting in economy class seating for me.
I arrived in Phuket late last night, so I'm still pretty severely jet-lagged. I didn't get to sleep until the early hours then got woken up at 8am by my alarm. It should pay off soon I hope. I spent all of the morning wandering the streets of Phuket. I got pretty hungry as it took me rather long to stumble across a restaurant that had a menu in English. The place that I finally found was great and I'm hoping to go back there tomorrow morning if they're open early enough.
Today I had the intro to the CELTA course. It wasn't so much an intro as it was the first day of the course. We went through a little admin stuff, got given sheaths of paper to go away and look over and we were given our tasks for tomorrow. Come 2pm tomorrow we'll each be in front of a class of students, albeit for just 15 minutes. The lesson we have to teach is pretty straight forward. I'm under the impression that we're being assessed more on how we relate to the student rather than our ability to convey information. That'll come in later I'm sure. As we were all warned its a full on course, 9-5:30, plus 4 written assignments and lesson prep to be done in our own time. That said it looks to be manageable. I guess after a month of being left to my own devices, as nice as it was, I'm kind of looking forward to having some sort of structure back in my day to day existence. With so much to do I'm hoping that this month will fly by.

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