Monday, December 20, 2010

Costa Rica animals!

A long time since I've written anything but long lines for the internet, a slow connection and lots of other things occupying my time has meant that this is the first I've been able to throw online. Hopefully more to follow.
 Scorpion discovered while taking apart the old goat house to build the new one.
 Speedy, the one-eyed pirate kitty. We're not sure how he lost his eye, but we're glad he survived the ordeal.
 A duck.
 A troupe of toucans, eating the papayas. That one got a little too stuck in and soon dropped it.
 A chick, hatched by a duck, that was laying in a toilet.
 The only duckling to survive from a pretty bad duck mum.
 Toulouse, the toucan rescued as a chick who likes to play with anyone in pecking distance.
 A small Tico horse.
A big Tico horse.
 Rhombus, the lovable boxer.
 Three week old Giant Schnauzer puppy.
 Lucy, the very anxious Weimarianar (sp?).
 Minutes old billy kid.
Younger brother to above goat.

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