Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Route Back

So we've been in LA for a few days now and we've sorted out a way back to Wisconsin. We were considering taking driving Route 66, but then we'd be passing up the opportunity to see more of the country. So here's the way we're going back:

Day 1: LA to Boulder City, Nevada (262 miles)
Day 2: Boulder City to Cedar City, Utah (197 miles)
Day 3: Cedar City to Arches National Park (297 miles)
Day 4: Arches National Park to Denver (354 miles)
Day 5: Denver to Gothenburg (300 miles)
Day 6: Gothenburg to Omaha (241 miles)
Day 7: Omaha to Rock Island (308 miles)
Day 8: Rock Island to Lake Geneva (170 miles)

We'll be camping all the way, seeing the Las Vegas Strip, Zion National Park and the Rocky Mountains, among other things. Looking forward to it.

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