Saturday, March 6, 2010

In the woods

Courtney and I went up the hill behind our house today. It's a cool little walk. There's an old bunker up there, and a load of trenches, so I guess the area used to be used by the military. We however were up there to cook sausages.
We collected some firewood. I took my firesteel with me, Courtney wisely took a bic lighter. We went up the old bunker and decided to set up 'camp' on top of it. Less chance for the fire to get out of hand. Neither of us have any real experience starting fires in the woods, let alone trying it with a firesteel. We had tinder and kindling and what-not but after a lot of faffing about we resorted to the lighter. Even then it took us a couple of attempts to get going. A lot of lessons learned from it:
1) have all your tinder, kindling and fuel ready before starting the fire.
2) build a base to work on, don't try starting on the ground.
3) have a little bit more of everything with you than you think you'll need.
We did finally get a nice little blaze going and whipped out the sausages. Court got hers nice and crispy before quickly tucking into it. We then learned another very important lesson. Korea individually wraps its sausages in plastic. I don't think Courtney will soon forget that lesson. With the plastic wrapping removed, the sausages were still terrible imitations of meat. Still we didn't go up there to have a culinary experience as much as we went up there to dink around in the woods. All in all, it was a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon. 

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