Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Techno Tundra

We had a bit of a rough entry into Korea. We managed to get to Bangkok airport in what was probably a record time, which turned out to be unnecessary as our flight was delayed by an hour. That wouldn’t have been a problem except that we had a connecting flight to catch in Beijing.
Despite our flight just being a transfer, we had to go through a ridiculous series of security checks. We got a little bit stressed with only about thirty minutes to catch our flight. Fortunately we managed to get onto the plane in time.
Damn Korea is cold. We’re in Incheon, Korea’s third largest city. Our school is in Songdo, a pretty new area of town. The metro station for our school is called “Bio Information Technology”. I’m pretty sure our new school is on ground-zero for a zombie outbreak. We’re teaching in Raccoon City. Fortunately, the stop before that could provide us with some cool ways to protect ourselves against the lumbering undead – Techno Park, which I hope with provide us with either futuristic ray-guns, or a horde of tripped out clubbers to distract the undead from us!
We were a little worried that the area our apartment in was a little isolated, thus dubbing it the ‘Techno Tundra’. However we’ve had time to wander around and check things out and they’re not as bad as we first thought. We’re within walking distance of a good sized town that has everything we need. Around our apartment complex are several islands of shops, including a couple of grocery stores and little restaurants. So things are looking up.

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