Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Return

With only a month or so left in Korea, Courtney and I are spending more and more of our conversations discussing what we think it'll be like to return home. I've been away for a year now, Courtney has been absent for two years.
We're both aware that there's a good chance there will be a bit of 'reverse culture shock' but we don't know how it'll hit us until we're back. The main issue will just be the amount of time that has passed. A lot can, and does, happen in a year. All my friends will have changed, I will have changed, but in what ways? I'm only back in the UK for a month, so I think I'll take Court's advice and treat my return as a visit to a foreign country, to not go there with expectations.
It's going to be amazing to see all my friends and family again. I can't wait to find out what's new and what's the same.
The only big change I'm aware of is that Woolworths has closed down, and my mum has now retired. I'm sure they're not the only things to have changed.


  1. OMG Now that you have had Kimchee in all its forms how will you live without it??? Better make sure you bring home a recipe or 2.
    Just found your blog....loving it!!

  2. Yeah, my girlfriend is saying that she'll probably need a kimchi IV for home! It's not just the kimchi I'll miss, its the bulgoggi, the galbi, the kimbab, the bibimbab. I would write more but its making me hungry!

  3. Well, lucky for me I have a Korean sister-in-law who has taught me to cook all those wonderful things. And i also get to enjoy them when i eat at her house.
    YUMM!! Now I am hungry too.